Savannah4ever King of Spottydreams F5 C

I am so happy to announce that King has joined us here at Spottydreams.

I am very grateful to Patricia and Karin from ABC Savannahs  (France and Holland) for allowing us to have this Boy. King is a great asset to my breeding programme he is producing wonderful kittens as he loves the ladies.  King is a very sleek, long bodied and leggy he has an awesome temperament a very friendly, loving boy. His parents are from Catticats and Kiwanga and Grandparents were Akimba, Bundas ,Kiwanga and Cityofgold. With his striking good looks King has even sweet talked my F1 Girls and he has fathered kittens with Kamili and Kazuri.

Below is a picture of Baby King, How cute was he ?

This picture was kindly sent to me by Ireen  of Savannah 4 Ever

The stunning beauty of the Savannah cat combined with their exceptional personality and wild looks makes them the ideal feline friend, Savannah cat is relatively new breed of cat,African Serval


Savannah Cats and Old-Style Siamese Cats and Kittens